I am nothing if not a creature of habit.

I freely admit to hitting up the same Starbucks near my house a few times a week.  Yes, caffeine is an addiction and Starbucks is my pusher.

With the weather cooling off, I broke out my favorite pair of well-worn fingerless knit gloves.  They’re red and black-checked (the pattern of socks I will wear when I eventually bout with the Naptown Roller Girls (sometime next year).  I’ve spent two winters with them and occasionally don them while at work due to my office being on-par with a meat locker in terms of climate control.


(me, my gloves, and my friend Amira)

Last week, as I pulled up to the drive-through window to get my morning hit, the barista asked if I was still in “derby class.”  She was referring to the wonderful Derby Lite program, which I started last spring after more than two years off-skates.  After class on weeknights, I often stop and grab a lemonade on my way home. 

I nodded, but then mentioned I had returned to competitive skating.  When I told her I had become a member of Naptown, the barista behind her screamed and said, “your games are beyond fun – we need to go!”

I blushed and handed them our season schedule cards before heading on my way.

It struck me later the feeling of accomplishment I felt in that moment.  I’ve worked on myself physically and emotionally for many months and being recognized as a member of one the best roller derby teams in the world felt….well, pretty amazing.

My metanoia has been to become a better wife, daughter, friend, colleague, and teammate. 

While this is an ever-evolving process, that moment of simple recognition reminded me just how far I’ve come.

(forgive the sap – I’ve probably had too much coffee)




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