The Break-Up

“Honey, it’s not you – it’s me.”  Words every single woman dreads.  Words everyone dreads more…when it comes to your job.

It happened to me this week – you’re an outstanding employee, you’re an outstanding person, but things have to change and you’re not included in those. 

My position was eliminated. 

Similar to a break-up and far calmer than termination (and generally both sides don’t hate each other).

You go through the same feelings: anger, thoughts of revenge and scathing blogs, guilt, hindsight, and everything in-between.  You wonder why they chose you and not someone else.  You wonder what will happen to the relationships you’ve built in the last year.  You wonder about your friends who are staying, but will be “dumped” in several weeks.

You have “trophies” similar to a break-up:  shirts bearing your company’s logo, toys, pictures, all mementos of the life you had together.

You say you’ll still be friends and (at least for me in this case) you know you will.  It was an amicable break-up, although heartbreaking nonetheless.

The good news is that break-ups are for the best in the long run.  We also learn something from every relationship in which we engage, whether it be personal or professional.  What I learned and the people I met through this relationship are too numerous to name or count.  I made friendships with people I’ve never seen face-to-face across this country.

So, now I hope for the best.  I believe a higher power (whatever it is) has a plan for those of us across the country searching for that next great thing.

It is out there and this time, it’ll have a happy ending!



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This is a spot where I muse about life, running, music, or whatever else strikes my fancy.
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