The “In” Crowd

One of my favorite parts about living in New Orleans was Thursday night 80s/goth/new wave night at the Shim-Sham (later known as One-Eyed Jack’s).  I’d go with a friend from work and we’d dance and drink to great music for hours.  Everyone chatted up everyone else – it was a blast (despite a lack of central air conditioning).

When I moved here, I hoped to find a scene like this – people who were into the same music, who liked to dress it out, and who were a bit off-beat. 

For awhile, that scene came together once a week on Wednesday nights.  Everyone came out – they danced, they drank, they made requests, dressed fierce, and regretted those vile Casba shots on Thursday mornings.  It was a golden age in which to be a bit different.

Over time, the camaraderie has faded. The scene that once seemed so welcoming has vanished. Instead, you have these factions who all seem to be pushing their own agenda.

Don’t misunderstand – a lot of us have gone on, gotten married or had kids, or just settled down in general. But, many of us miss the days where we could go out, shake a tail feather (or studded spike) and be ourselves.

At the time, the “scene” had its matriarchs and patriarchs.  We cannot deny these folks have moved on and we wish them well.

Truthfully, for any sort of “scene” to ever exist for the future, there has to be some bipartisanship (if you take my meaning). While not everyone loves the Cure, not everyone wants to hear Combichrist 24-7 either. Not everyone is into fetish and polyamory. Not everyone wants to commute across town (ie – events centrally located).  Not everyone wants to be roped into others’ dramas.

I’m sorry, I’m not going out to hear whose husband is screwing whose girlfriend or boyfriend. I’m going out to hear Joy Division, the Cure, the Smiths, Nitzer Ebb, NIN, etc, to see my friends, and to DANCE!

We can never go back. Those days are past. For those of us that have chosen to make Indianapolis our home for the long haul, we need a place where we can dance and not get the glares of people dealing with their own internal or interpersonal dramas.

Just some moody food for thought…


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