Sleeping Arrangements

2012 – the year the economy still sort-of sucked.

We’ve all seen the fall-out of a lagging economy – lay-offs, pay cuts, doing more with far less, foreclosures, etc.

Just anecdotally, we’ve also seen a shift in how people live, or rather, who they live with. In this day and age, we all know someone over the age of 30 living with their parents or a roommate.


I’ve even encountered several sets of couples who have kids and are choosing to live together even though the couple is not together in the traditional sense. They are choosing to raise a family as a unit, even if their own unit didn’t work.

While I remain on the fence about having children, I know it is a blessing to be able to have one (just in general). Therefore, I admire couples that are able to remain friends in an effort to better their child’s life without a lot of shifting, moving, and drama (see various episodes of “The Maury Show” for poor examples of this).

What does this take? A level of consideration, patience, and forgiveness I’m not sure I could do (again I admire those who can). On the other hand, I know many divorced couples who truck their kids back and forth between living spaces and become pawns in an adult game of chess (which I believe is a form of neglect).

Which one comes out on top in the end?


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