At nearly 34 years of age, I am (in general) not surprised by people’s actions and deeds, particularly when it comes to negative/self-defecating behavior.

But, every once in awhile, a random act of kindness will pop onto the viewscreen and make one question a usually-jaded perspective on things. 

This morning, I made my way to the same Starbucks I hit up every Friday (and usually once or twice more a week) for my Friday morning reward to myself.  I survived another week, I get good coffee.  My time sitting in the drive-through is a mix of checking my phone and flipping channels on satellite radio.

The car in front of me was a silver BMW with Indianapolis Colts plates (Hamilton County I believe).  I didn’t think too much about it until I got to the window to pay.

The barista informed me that my drink was FREE – the woman in front of me had paid for mine.

I don’t know this person.  I don’t know anyone who drives a silver BMW with Colts plates.

I chock it up to a random act of kindness.  Maybe she saw my rainbow beads hanging from my mirror.  Maybe she saw my Uglydoll hanging with the beads.  Maybe she just felt like doing something nice for someone else.

Whoever this was, you made my day.  Just when I think I am being swallowed by a world of hypocritical arguments, rhetoric, and poor judgement, someone does something unexpected.

Perhaps my lack of faith in people is a bit misguided.  This woman proved me wrong today. 


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One Response to Surprises

  1. uvgucci101 says:

    Yes, I meant “self-defecating.” I feel people spend entirely too much time sh*tting all over themselves and others.

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