Entitled to What?

Last night, a dear friend sent me a link that had me FLOORED! 

Allow me to give you some background: my entire life/career, I’ve pushed myself.  I came from a middle-class family, have student loan debt, and never had a luxury car.  I pursued my dreams of radio stardom, including moving across the country in 2001, until I did what I had set out to do (be an extreme bad-ass reporter).  I won some awards, got on “Nancy Grace,” ESPN, and the BBC, and then got fired for “not fitting a vision.”  Ouch, but it served as a wake-up call that I needed a different challenge in my life.

As of now, I’m in semi-retirement, enjoying my new challenges in my professional life and getting to purchase the occasional expensive treat from the consignment shop or Nordstrom Rack.  I’m happy, getting married, doing Derby: Lite once a week, and just generally enjoying the pace of my mid-30s.

So, imagine my jaw hitting the floor when I saw one of those fundraiser web links….to help someone pay their way to Los Angeles to become an actress! 

This person has been around Indianapolis for years and has not made much headway in the professional realm from as near as I can tell.  Last weekend, in (*shutter*) church, the pastor made a valid point:  even though we tell kids they can be anything they want when they grow up, that isn’t necessarily true.  We can be anything we want…to a point.  I could want to be a math genius until I’m blue in the face, but I simply don’t have that skill set (genetics). 

So, to see some half-rate internet host BEGGING for money using the internet is absolutely utterly RIDICULOUS!  Furthermore, one of the “options” for donating a certain sum of money is a mention in her Oscar speech.

Don’t think there aren’t literally thousands of OTHER GIRLS with formal training and theatrical backgrounds who are already in Los Angeles because they WORKED for it.  They slaved as waitresses and tour guides or come from a star parental background or have been acting in commercials since the age of 3.

Now, I know I might sound like a Debbie Downer.  But, I never ONCE begged for money like a con artist to make my dreams come true! I learned my own limits as my career progressed and I saw exactly what I could do with what God gave me. 

True stars tend to be gifted and (in many cases) humbled by the hard work they’ve put forth to get where they are.  They did NOT beg for money like an internet scam from Africa.


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