50 Shades of Cold Reality

I’m an avid reader.  I read before bed, I read sitting on our deck, I love my Kindle.  I plowed through the “Hunger Games” trilogy in just a couple weeks back in February. 

Have I read “50 Shades of Gray?”  Answer: no.  Why?  Because I actually have experienced this form of a relationship.  It was one of the worst periods of my life.  I experimented all over the place after my divorce in 2009.  Including being in a relationship that (frankly) was not just unhealthy, but toxic. 

It lasted about six weeks.  Until I got irritated by constantly being ordered around by a pompous asswipe with a ninny for a wife (now ex-wife – polyamory works for some, for others, it’s just delaying the obvious divorce path).

I don’t think these books paint women in a good life.  Sure, seduction and giving up control is fun….at first.  It presents something exciting and different….until you realize you’re an independent being with real thoughts, real feelings, and wanting more out of life than to be part of some screwed-up marriage that (as an outsider with divorce papers) you KNOW is failing miserably.

So, yes, I did experience this.  And, no, I have NO desire to EVER experience this again.  Not in print and not in real life.  If you’ve read this book, use it as a cautionary tale.  Of what NOT to want out of life. 





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