Yet Another Good-bye

It’s been close to a year since I was on the radio.  While I admit to never quitting my love of the medium, it occurs to me that the idea of originality has tended to die out as the recession has stretched out.

As I sit here, I am listening to the last “Leftover Lunch” on WFNX, 101.7 Boston/New Hampshire.  My best friend introduced me to this station when I made my first trip to Boston nearly five years ago.  Once i discovered a streaming version online and on Itunes, I was hooked.  I would listen for hours at home and as I searched for a job.  I hadn’t heard a radio station be so groundbreaking since 97X (97.7 Oxford/Cincinnati/Dayton – which went to ground two years ago last month). 

It breaks my heart, as though a friend has died.  As a person who spent their entire adult life (until the last few months) in radio, it provides a stirring reminder that this medium’s specialness diminishes every day.  A handful of companies own everything and all the stations sound the same.

I never thought I’d be a satellite radio convert.  I used to tell my parents that the mere idea of it detracted from my profession.  Now, I feel like it’s the only place I can enjoy radio for the music and intellectual banter of the personalities.  I really don’t want to hear Rush Limbaugh or another newsman drone or Katy Perry (yet again). 

The best hope for new music on the radio is public and college radio. 

RIP WFNX – you kept me going at some critical times over the last five years.  You will NOT be forgotten! 


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