What the Water Gave Me

I recently spent a couple days in Northern Indiana with my parents, ahead of my Dad’s most recent CT scan (aka “the Barium Kool-Aid Acid Test”).  He’ll learn the results Tuesday and whether his oncologist will suggest a course of chemo, surgery, or another option.  Yes, we’re scared. 

At the same time, my Dad’s Parkinson’s is getting worse.  He is limping and his driving skills are deteriorating.  My Mom and I have decided not to tell him when to hand over the keys (this is the man who taught me to drive, which was no small feat).  That has to be his decision.

It’s interesting what you learn as your parents get older.  For example, I was bemoaning my troubles searching for a job and my Mom told me about the last time my Dad was out (several months in 1983).  He applied to be a truck driver and they told him he was overqualified.  I’ve been told this same thing a couple times myself over the last three months.  Long story short, he just retired, so all is not lost.  I still have hope.

Also, during my stay, my Dad and I did the same bonding we’ve been doing since I was 12…over music.

1. My Dad’s favorite show of all time is when he saw the Byrds at Lake Schaefer in Monticello, Indiana.  They’d just released their first record domestically.  He also saw the Dave Clark Five at Northside Gym in Elkhart and the Rolling Stones (also a “new” band at the time). 

2. My Dad thinks Florence Welch has more promise than Amy Winehouse did when she first broke.

3. My Dad really loves the band Mumford and Sons. 

It was while we were listening to “Rolling Away Your Stone” that it really hit me: my time with both my parents is shortening.  It is what it is.  Time passes faster and faster as we get older. 

It’s sad, but it gives me more incentive to make these times count. 


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