A Little Hope Can Do A Lot

The other day, I succumbed to my desire to leave the house and finish some musings for various outlets.  I went to Starbucks.

First, the holiday drinks are back, so I indulged and went with the gingerbread latte.

But, what struck me was this:  A display touting bracelets for $5, encouraging job creation. 

It’s called http://createjobsforUSA.org.  As an unemployed American, I see the value of this.

Here’s why:  Thousands are “occupying” various cities across the nation.  Unfortunately, a good protest is one that is organized.  In my opinion, this particular movement is not sending a clear message.  We see images, day after day, of folks squatting in public parks, using hand gestures for parliamentary procedure, and bemoaning “evil corporations” and no jobs.  Including Starbucks.

So, here’s a multi-billion dollar corporation trying to do something good and help foster job creation.  I immediately plunked down the extra five bucks for a bracelet, with the words “indivisible” etched on a silver charm.  I proudly wear it (even if it doesn’t go with my outfit).  I figure if I can inspire at least one person, then I’ve done my job. 

Last week, my father told his doctor he would “not be defined by cancer.”  So should it be for the rest of the world.  I am not defined by not having a full-time job.  I’m defined by my passion for life and everything I undertake, from writing about fashion and politics to my unfailing love for my friends to promoting roller derby.  I’m defined by my drive, my talent, and my love for life.

Jobs will come and go, but things like true passion and enjoying life are forever. 


About DevonD29

This is a spot where I muse about life, running, music, or whatever else strikes my fancy.
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