One of the trends I’ve been crushing on recently is the fur vest.

Rachel Zoe is practically always in one, like it’s a uniform or something (we know it’s not…she’s a style phenom).

My take is that when you leave the house, make a statement. So imagine my delight when I found this fuschia fur vest (it photographs purple unfortunately) for $14 at a local consignment outlet! Lord, it was bright!

I couldn’t resist. Everyone needs to have one piece that keeps you warm while looking en vogue at the same time!

In other news, I’m seeing my parents for the first time since my Dad’s new cancer diagnosis in a couple days. My Mom says he’s “stoic” about the whole thing, which I guess is good news. I worry a lot about my parents, given that they’re older (I came along a decade plus into their marriage). It’ll be nice to see them and get a little time to relax. My life is constantly on-the-go these days.


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