The Millenial Favorite

In the past week, I’ve written a column about a woman who lived to be 100 years old and met a woman who turned 101 (at Half-Priced Books).

I can’t imagine living that long. I think of all the things these women lived through – two World Wars, the Great Depression, the inventions of radio, television, the computer, the VCR, the DVD, even the I-whatever. It’s quite hard to fathom.

I sometimes wonder how long I’ll live. My family has average lifespans (into their 80s) on both sides.

It also calls into question where I’m at now – I’m 33 years old and I have no full-time job. I’m 33 years old, have a Reporter of the Year Award to my name, a Regional Murrow, and a couple other Associated Press plaques. I’m honestly not sure I can return to radio full-time. It breaks my heart to admit just how much the business has changed since I entered in 1995.

What does my next 60-70 years hold I wonder? Will I be someone people will remember fondly when I go?

Will I have an impact?

I am trying to have faith in people, but it’s hard. I feel blessed to be surrounded by love and friendship, professionally and personally.


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2 Responses to The Millenial Favorite

  1. Truen Jaimes says:

    So many chapters to a great story. At our age we’re still so early in the story that it is hard to see what could possibly come next that we’ll love as much as we’ve already experiences. However, life has a funny way of unfolding in beautiful ways and even if we don’t like the direction it is taking we’re going to go along for the ride anyways so its more important that we dig in and experience all the good we can find even if the unknown is all around us.

  2. Larry Downes says:

    Read this…
    I think that someone with your talent and drive should be able to thrive without ever actually working for anyone again. Not easy, but maybe very rewarding.

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