No Stop Go.

My Dad visited the nice folks at Rush Presbyterian yesterday. As expected, yes, his Parkinson’s is deteriorating. They gave him some new meds to get the tremors under control, so we’re hopeful.
Again, it’s all very scary. My Mom has started forgetting some stuff and that worries me too. I hope I am just paranoid and it’s not the start of dimensia.

My Dad will CT Scan in September on what’s left of cancer.
The long and the short of this is that life is finite and I’m learning about it all too quickly.

My birthday is in 16 days. Generally, I hate my birthday. Last year was fun (big party), but I’ve had many sad birthdays punctuated with gut-wrenching misery and horror (including 2009 where I was served with divorce papers). This year, my attitude toward it has changed a bit. I have amazing people in my life and an amazing boyfriend. ‘Nough said.


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