These are not the type of updates I enjoy or relish. These are the type of updates I fear.

My Dad, fresh from battling cancer, is facing a bigger monster: rapidly deteriorating Parkinson’s Disease. He’s had this for several years, following a serious car crash in 2004 where my parents’ car was hit by a drunk driver/illegal alien (yeah double whammy). Until now, it hasn’t progressed much.

Admittedly, I came along in my parents’ lives pretty late – my Mom was 36/my Dad 34. Confronting their mortality in my mid-30s was not something I was looking forward to, but not surprising.

My Mom told me yesterday he is not able to drive the way he used to. When I was a teenager, my Dad drove around downtown Chicago like he was in NASCAR with zero fear. Now, he can’t do big trips. No more coming to see me down here (my parents live in Elkhart).

I’m going home this weekend to see my parents and so they can meet my significant other. He has given me support beyond what I could imagine and I feel lucky.

More to come…I hate admitting I’m scared.

Yes, I’m scared. My parents and I are close (I’m an only child).


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One Response to Update

  1. Kristen says:

    thinking of you:) have a great weekend and enjoy your time together.

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