Closing Time

Today is a good day to wear Armani Collezioni. I believe high fashion always makes everyone feel good (especially when you start your day well before dawn).

Things change.

There seems to be this stigma with me these days – some of my oldest friends don’t seem to grasp the concept that I’ve retired from being a “party girl.” Oh sure I like to go have a beverage with my friends now and then (or last night where I guzzled iced tea during a Fashion Wrap Up mtg), but I like it low-key and I’m not staying out all night anymore or putting myself in potentially hazardous situations (to both my mental and physical well-being).

I’ve had two separate cancer scares this year – one with my Dad, one with me. That, coupled with an extensive amount of bad treatment by people for a couple years, was enough to cause some revelations and personal reflections.

Life is short. I realized that. We have a finite amount of time on this planet and we best enjoy it while it’s here.

If you’re going to pick on me for not being on your timetable for growing up, do me a favor and take it someplace else. Negative people are not welcome in my life.

Gym later today, bike ride tonight. Life is a-okay.


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This is a spot where I muse about life, running, music, or whatever else strikes my fancy.
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