RIP “Random Hero”

Dateline: June/July 2004
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Age: 25.75
Occupation: None at that time
Time: Approximately 2:00 AM Central Standard Time

Believe me, I never saw myself as a fan of shows like “Jackass” and “Viva La Bam.”

But, there I was, unemployed, hunting like mad for a job (I’d get one that July…it’s how I ended up in Indianapolis), sleeping til 2 in the afternoon and staying up super late.

It was one of those late nights that introduced me to Bam Margera torturing his parents in a big home in Westchester, PA. It was also then that I developed a mad crush on Ryan Dunn.

The crush became the subject of a long-running joke between my friends in New Orleans and. It even resulted in me being given a copy of the first “Jackass” movie on DVD as a going-away gift.

As stupid as the stunts were, for some reason, it amused me a lot. Particularly one entitled, “Butt X-Ray.”

Yesterday, we learned of Dunn’s passing – he was killed in a car crash.

This is the first celebrity crush that I outlived (Harrison Ford of Han Solo fame is still alive).

It’s sad, but I know a level of rock stardom like what Dunn had can be very seductive.

God rest Dunn.


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