I recycle when possible. I am not a wasteful human being most of the time. And I sure as shit do not throw crap out of my car window (exception being water).

I spent a lot of time on I-65 this weekend, going to Lafayette to call a roller derby bout for the lovely ladies of LBD and then driving back. Plus, using 65 to get to work and up to my significant others’ home.

That being said, I saw at least three different drivers throw RANDOM CRAP out of their windows IN MOTION. Saturday night, a car with Illinois plates threw what appeared to be a cup holder out and missed my driver’s side window by about an inch.

Sunday, I saw at least two jerk-offs throw cups and other garbage out their windows (not to mention the random stuff already littering the interstate).

How hard is this? Common sense (and the law lest we forget) dictates that we do NOT use our cars as mobile garbage disposals. How would you like it if I chucked a used tampon at your white car???

Again, I’m not an environmentalist by any means. But, come ON!

On a side note, saw “X-Men: First Class” and enjoyed it. Not a bad superhero flick.


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