Disco Killers

Newsflash (I know you’ll all find this shocking): I was not normal in high school. So much so, the thought of attending prom nearly gave me hives (full disclosure – I went with a friend senior year – it was at the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds).

Saturday night, I attended the Naptown Roller Girls’ End of Season party – prom-themed. Baring in mind that 16+ years have passed since the fairgrounds and obviously my sense of style has changed.

Throw in an awesome date (my boyfriend) and I found myself in a more promising scenario than the crepe-paper decorated building that smelled vaguely of hog sweat and old milk.

(also my senior prom didn’t feature booze either not that I drank in high school – no, that waited until college)

Anyway, I got an amazing corsage that paid homage to my beloved Alexander McQueen (red roses, black ribbon, and the glittering skull).

It was fun – they gave out nifty awards (water bottles for the volunteers) and we got our picture taken in a balloon arch (lordy). I felt like a princess, clad in a black Bebe dress, Dior heels (hell yeah), and my favorite silver bracelet from the Haus of Turquoise and White (aka Tiffany’s).

We even went to an “after-prom” (again there was booze – it was in a bar).

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this prom more than my trip to the fairgrounds in a dress my Mom bought me at Hudson’s (formerly known as Marshall Field now known as Macy’s).

Pictures are coming.

On a side note, it hit me this week that I’ve been in radio in some form or another for 16 years (starting the summer before my senior year of high school). I wouldn’t be doing anything else – this is what I love.


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