Superfreaky Memories

One cursory check of the TV station’s websites brought about a big reminder for me professionally – today is the five year anniversary of the Hamilton Avenue massacre.

Seven people in one house, including three children, were gunned down at a home at 560 North Hamilton Avenue late that Thursday night.

At that point, I was a full-time street reporter for WIBC. I had been on-staff since late March and was thrilled for the opportunity. My Fridays began at 7:00 am normally.

That Friday, my day began at 4:30 AM (which now, by comparison, is late – heh).

My boss Sharon called me at home on 6/2/06 (by the way she called my land line, which I ditched in the middle of 2008). She told me there’d been a mass killing the night before and police had called a news conference for 6:00 AM at the City/County Building.

I rolled out of bed, put myself together in record time, and off I went. Over the next 10 hours, I would go into the neighborhood where it happened. It was surreal – neighbors were freaked out. Then-Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson came to the scene. The

Indianapolis Police Department (pre-merger with the Sheriff’s Department) parked the MECA Command van at a nearby church. Then Chief Mike Spears, along with the city’s top brass, were all out at the scene.

This story took me to mild national fame. The night of June 2nd, I made my first appearance as a guest on the “Nancy Grace Show.”

This was a sad situation all around and I take no pleasure in covering such things. But, a job is a job and it’s one that I love. I also believe there is a special, extra fire-tinged place in Hell for people who murder.


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