Everytime You Close Your Eyes

Lies lies!

(or something – the Arcade Fire are still turning up on my Ipod regularly)

Someone asked me recently which is dirtier – the media or politics. My immediate response? Politics.

As a member of the media, we have to take risks or leaps of faith, even when faced with doubters (or haters). We get accused of bias toward one thing or another.

To me, it’s not a matter of bias. While yes, to be human is to have an opinion, people do stupid shit. Routinely. Doesn’t matter their affiliation – stupid stuff goes down. It’s our job to observe and report.

I think sometimes we get so bogged down in trying not to offend people that we forget it is our job to tell the whole story.

Ok, stepping off my soapbox for now.

Get the new Friendly Fires disc “Pala-” it’s stunning!


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This is a spot where I muse about life, running, music, or whatever else strikes my fancy.
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