Forward Progress

Someone wise told me awhile back, “be sure to pay it forward when you can because you never know when you’ll be the one needing aid.”

Fast-forward to this past weekend: Friday night, a friend asked for aid in helping another friend find her missing daughter. A group went into not the best neighborhood and passed out fliers/talked to neighbors. Saturday, the girl was found safe. That story had a happy ending.

Saturday, I went to sign over the title for my old car to a friend who works at Firestone. He told me he was able to get a rebuilt engine put into the Eclipse for $1100 (about $4500 LESS than what Pep Boys of Bloomington quoted me). The friend explained to me he had already “flipped” the Eclipse. Then, he told me why – a female friend of his had gotten the runaround from one of those scary-looking car dealerships on the side of the road. The car she bought was a lemon and they were refusing to pay for repairs. She needed a car desperately and asked if Chris would sell her the Eclipse. He did. So, the car is with someone who really needs it and will probably run for a few more years with the new engine.

The long and short of it is that we are paid in kind for everything we do, both good and bad. Because friends aided me when the engine died, it turned around into something good for someone else.

Happy Monday! XOXO


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