Too Cool for School?

Oh, my amusement is never-ending. Especially when it comes to people who may need a little reminder to quit acting like utter trash and spewing about things they clearly don’t have the capacity to understand.

I love to read comments from people who consider themselves “musical elite.” These are the same people who show up to events, refuse to speak to half the people, and make fun of the majority, all with a pissy look on their faces.

This was especially bad back in the day during a now-notorious (and long dead) club night at the Casba.

Don’t listen to music or feign an interest in a band just to score points in a “scene.” If you are legitimate in your passion, then you can like or love whoever you want. I love The Cure. I also love Kylie Minogue and trance music. I also enjoy Lady Gaga. I don’t think this detracts from my “street cred.” If anything, it shows I’m well-rounded.

Example: I saw a few, shall we say, “pointed” comments about the recent Arcade Fire/National show. Which I attended, along with dozens of friends who I know are passionate about music.
Are you upset because the hipster (aging or otherwise) you’ve been scamming on didn’t ask you? Are you upset there was a mascara limit?

Honestly, I am not the Arcade Fire/National fan many of my fellow concert-goers were. I don’t claim to be. But, the album “The Suburbs” is a good concept album with some stand-out tracks (particularly the title track). The National is not my favorite musically, but they put on a good show and I was pleasantly surprised. I thoroughly enjoyed the theatrics of the show overall.

I’ve been to hundreds of concerts, so I think I can make a judgement call on this.

We wonder why Indy struggles with its musical scene, fashion scene, etc. How about we all stop posing and trying to be “cool” and cutting others down for what they like and just celebrate each other?


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