The Tali-bunnies

My parents have a massive double pine tree in their front yard. It was there when they bought the house in 1975.

Over the years, rabbits began nesting under the tree (the same tree I lobbied to put ginormous Christmas lights on but was rebuffed due to something about a fire hazard).

At some point, since 9-11 (my Dad’s birthday also), the bunnies started popping out from under the trees and scaring the crap out of my parents’ cat. It would go as follows:

1. Cat lounges in front window of house.
2. Bunny scurries out into the front yard.
3. Cat screeches like she’s been burned and runs to the back of the house.
4. Insert mental image of bunnies amusing themselves here.
5. Repeat.

From this, my Dad started referring to the bunnies as terrorists. Specifically, the “Tali-bunnies.” Their leader?

Osama Bin Bunny. I’ve actually received Christmas presents allegedly from “Osama Bin Bunny.”

This has been going on for years.

This proves where my strange sense of humour came from as well.


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