The Parent Escape

About four years ago, the economy began to slowly trickle down into the poop-hole. The housing market went, then the job market went, then the gas prices went up, you know the rest.

We had natural disasters and earthquakes and a whole mess of problems.

The interesting effect it had on those of my generation and slightly younger? People living with their parents for various reasons.

Whether it be to save money for a house or to job-search, the number of people going for this option in their 20s/30s – well, it’s not just nerds watching “Star Wars” porn in their basements anymore.

I personally don’t find this shameful or a big deal – as I’ve said life happens. No, I don’t live with my parents. But, in the interest of disclosure, I’d be taking the bus to/from work (and anywhere else) if they hadn’t graciously assisted me with my car. And my income taxes. And my stint of unemployment in 2004. And about a million other things in the financial realm during my 32.75 years on the planet.

Also, doesn’t a warm bed and TV seem a better option than living on the street or with filthy roomates and Ratatouille?

I had someone tell me the other day they felt “self-conscious” because they live with their parents.

This person has a decent job as near as I can tell. I told that person it wasn’t a big deal at all (again – my parents just handed me the cash for a car down payment+the exorbitant Indiana excise tax to get a $2 piece of aluminum to attach to the back/make street legal). I certainly won’t judge.

I know another person (Faux Relationship During Cancer Man we’ll call him) who has his Dad as a roomate. Reason? His Mom recently passed away and the person in question has a monster house. Again, saw nothing wrong with that at all.

I cannot deny my parents’ mortality anymore – I came into their lives late (Mom=aged 36/Dad=aged 34 at the time). I’m sole heir/responsible for everything. Yes, it scares me.

But, if it came down to it, I’d sooner have a parent move in with me to live out their years than go to a nursing home. Yes, that means I’d be living with my parents. So be it.

Seeing the Arcade Fire/the National this evening and then a couple badly-needed vacation days. May do some thrifting while off to unwind.

If you spot me at a Starbucks downtown devouring “Vogue,” say hello!


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