Over it.

Blame it on the continual rain. Blame it on the four-plus-dollar a gallon gas. Blame it on my car payment returning. Blame it on all the Interpol I’ve been consuming as of late.

I’m cranky. Extremely so.

Had what sounded like a wonderful date planned (guy was gonna cook for me). Guess what? He cancelled (I won’t get into why so don’t ask).

No shocker there. I can’t even muster disappointment or sadness anymore – just rolling my eyes and accepting it is how I roll anymore. I can say I didn’t really have my hopes up.

I’m bored. There’s no exciting music out right now (exception: the Raveonettes’ new joint, but even that lacks a “Break Up Girls” or “That Great Love Sound”-esque anthem). I love my job, but am craving a challenge.

The weather is driving my allergies crazy crazy (were it not for my allergist being back home in northern Indiana, he’d most like have a field day examining my sinus cavities).

There was a woman on the elliptical machine next to me yesterday…talking on the phone! Sure, it’s impressive to see someone discuss her custody arrangement with her ex-husband (or whatever), but come on! People come to the gym to work out…in peace. To escape the dissonant noise. Couldn’t that have waited 30 minutes? Some divorces take several YEARS!

I want to go platinum blonde like a teeny Nordic goddess. Problem is, car payment+plates+insurance+gas=one poor girl. I cannot afford to have this done (or even have my hair cut proper) and won’t anytime soon. I need a fairy beauty mother or something.

I’m considering two drastic summer projects – dropping cable TV and getting certified to teach aerobics as a part-time job. Does Hulu or Comedy Central’s website carry my beloved Jon and Stephen? Can I catch “Leverage” on TNTs website? Cutting cable would save me about $75/month.

Teaching aerobics would bring in some extra cash and I can teach ladies/gents about Kaskade and Paul Oakenfold.

All I want right now is time with my friends, a hot bath (or a hot tub if it’s available – my calves are seriously raging at me), and a day on a beach with a book and no phone.

And yes, I am aware people have it much worse than I do.


About DevonD29

This is a spot where I muse about life, running, music, or whatever else strikes my fancy.
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