They say karma works best when you do nothing. I am finding, in the last couple of weeks, that statement becoming truer and truer. Always remember, our time is never up for what we do to others, both just and unjust.

This maybe why I am always trying to be a better friend, better co-worker, better broadcaster, etc.

(which also means my new mission in life is to be able to change a tire on my own so if anyone wants to teach me have at it)

For a long time, I’ve felt lost. I pretended like I didn’t notice, but it was true. I had lost this sense of self-awareness. Point of fact, maybe I never had it to begin with. It’s been growing steadily since the year began – this feeling of wanting to shift how I live my life and how I deal with crises and change.

A wise friend told me Zen is reached when you can be comfortable alone and realize it is indeed NOT the end of the world. I have come to realize I am there. Last night, a friend went with me to car shop (someone who works in the automotive industry – good pick there). I had a blast, but I didn’t feel sad or jipped because he was telling me about someone special in his life. I felt happy for him, but not envious.

If you want to date me – fine – take a shot. I can’t promise I’ll say yes or that it’ll go any further than one date. I’m dealing with a lot right now when it comes to my family, my ever-evolving career, and this car-buying business. But, I’m calm about it. Everything has a plan. I believe fate has a pretty good one for me.


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