Bigmouth Strikes Again

I am finding a growing problem. Well, maybe more of a growing wariness.

Flashback to Sunday: a close friend and I met for drinks, catching up, and (of course) some dish. While partaking, we made a new uber-hip friend with killer personal style and a level of street smarts well beyond her years (Jaxon of Portland, Oregon).

Enter rude, drunk, shallow, aspiring grad student. He overheard us discussing Oregon and made his way to our table.

During the course of the conversation, the guy extolled the “virtues” of the Catholic doctrine on sex (to three very non-Catholic girls), asked us to both smoke and buy him some weed (hello?!?! I don’t do that and nor would I buy it for anyone else), and hit on my very-taken close friend. At one point, he begged for her number, saying, “ya know, in case something happens with him.”

As he downed shot after shot of whiskey, he kept blurting out how incredibly sexy she is.

He also referred to me as her “fat friend” (yes, really).

I think his companion thoroughly enjoyed when I told this faux-polo-shirt wearing, narrow-minded asswipe he should “quit trying” because he was “not going to get any from anyone at this table!”

What scares me is that, in many circles, this guy is considered a catch (upwardly mobile, decent-looking, comes from a large family).

Don’t we single ladies have it tough enough?

I am by no means perfect. However, calling the friend of someone you’re trying to score with “fat” and continue to hit on someone after they’ve said repeatedly they have a boyfriend is just inexcuseable.

(not to mention the weed thing, which moves into a legality issue)

Sigh…my faith in humanity continues to dwindle.


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3 Responses to Bigmouth Strikes Again

  1. girlvscity says:

    Have you ever watched Portlandia?

    Just wondering. 🙂

    • MsRadness says:

      AHHH hahahahaha I LOVE that movie!

      That guy was pretty obnoxious, but I think you handled it well. I almost hulked out when he asked to go to my apartment. O__o
      You dummy, I just met you! Ugh.

  2. Dr.D says:

    He sounds perfectly qualified to be a member of the administration for the governor of WI.

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