Balancing Equations

My senior year of high school, I took Chem I as a way to bolster my transcript before college. Point of fact, I was awful at it. It’s the closest I’ve come to failing a class.

Until one day when it clicked and I could suddenly remember the ion numbers to balance those pesky equations.

(I ended up going from a D to a B)

I like to think of it as “working chemistry.” There was a click, a poof, a pop, and suddenly I was getting As on my quizzes and tests.

Similar to the kind you have (or may or may not have) with another person.

Chemistry is a tricky thing. I’ve found it has varying degrees. Obviously, you have some level of chemistry with your friends, male and female. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be friends.

In relationships, it’s a different level. Sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes you WISH it didn’t (because, in actuality, you loathe the person as a human being).

But, what to do when you’re single and not sure what you want – if you meet someone who treats you well, adores you, but you have no chemistry, what can you do? Do you keep going and hope the chemistry develops or bail out and potentially spare the person?

A close friend of mine told me, “you can’t have a relationship with another person without the first spark.” I am beginning to see just how truthful this statement really is, especially when you’ve become all-too-guarded about who you allow into your life.

Is a match without the spark just a wooden stick?


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