Humble Pie is Yummier than Hubris

Over the weekend, I was lamenting some of my newer dating horror stories to my Mom.  The ever-patient listener, my Mom has been hearing my sometimes-bordering-on-the-surreal stories about boys/men since I was 16.

I mentioned a guy I had dated in recent months had told me, “a lot of girls are going to be jealous of you because you’re dating me.”

He went on to put it into context by saying he had a lot of female friends and “fans” who wanted to be more than friends.

(author’s note: the person in question is not a rock star, professional athlete, politician, TV host, or Ed Westwick)

Seems a little arrogant, doesn’t it?

Arrogance…happens.  I freely admit I’m arrogant to an extent – I have to be in order to do my job, lest I be swallowed by the competition and egos that are inherent to broadcast journalism.

If you’re good at what you do, confidence can be extremely sexy.  If you’re in my business and you’re good at what you do, then a little arrogance is probably warranted as well.

In the aforementioned, I would later realize his statements were a means of keeping me “in line.”

You really want to date me?  Here’s a tip – arrogance at that level is earned, not assumed.

A slice of humble pie and some confidence is going to get you much farther with me and the rest of my gender than bragging about your alleged harem as an attempt to devalue me.

My Mom’s response to that comment, by the way?  “What a douchebag!” (my Mom is a good, church-going woman who doesn’t swear and is nearly 70 years old)

Oh, yeah – go Bulldogs!


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