Fashionably Uninvited

(I felt this song was appropriate)

A stir of controversy as I was attempting sleep last night.

Surrounding the reviews from the press about the Midwest Fashion Week Final Gala.

Rumor has it someone posted a rather randy remark about the press and their “egos” on the Midwest Fashion Week Facebook page. (the comment has since been removed)

So, let’s talk about that, shall we?

This is the review of the event written by the Boys of Raannt. Well-written, insightful, makes a lot of good points. I freely admit these two know more of the history of Midwest Fashion Week than I do – they’ve been around longer than I have and know how it’s been in past years.

Somehow, this turned into the media covering the event as having “egos” because we, collectively, were dissatisfied with how we were treated (or not treated as the case may be).

First of all, ego has zero to do with it. I’ve been a journalist for 12+ years. I’ve covered every topic imaginable, so I think I have a fairly good idea of what to expect going into a situation. As a member of the media, we are generally treated with respect (and given something to eat). Or, at the very least, a seat. None of that happened and now we’re finding out we weren’t even supposed to eat the food that was there in the “press box.”

Second of all, I was very bothered (and I still am, since it’s Tuesday and I’m still pondering this) on what people find appropriate for a “gala” wardrobe-wise (truth be told, it was 70% fundraiser/30% fashion, right down to the mass exodus of people as Jennie Devoe was performing after the shows ended).

I saw jeans. I saw jumpers. I saw a tiara. I saw some low-cut dresses more suited for the prom.

NONE of that is appropriate for a black-tie event (exception being the designers themselves – they have to move and dress for comfort).

Third of all, to even be in the media, you have to carry some level of ego. This business is about telling a story, being truthful, and realizing that not everyone is going to agree with you or even like you.  Again, that has nothing to do with food served or seats.  But, don’t treat people like cattle in an effort to make a buck (and my bet is the organizers lost money on the finale because it was not remotely close to sold out). 

That being said, I have a plaque clearly stating I was the Reporter of the Year for Indiana in 2007 (from the Associated Press). So, I *think* I know what I am doing.

If you want fair coverage of your event, you have to expect that if it doesn’t run smoothly or there are glaring problems, we’re going to mention it.

Perhaps the people who’ve bashed the Boys should look in the mirror at their own egos and realize that, when it comes to fashion, this city still has a long way to go.



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